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Around #Flawil in #Ostschweiz

After more than two years of life in Flawil, nice village in Ostschweiz, we have tested in just one afternoon all the “bio/ slowfood” possibilites. Finally!

We go to the near Magdenau nuns convent to buy honey and bisquits, then we visited for the first time the farm near to our house. Here we bought several kinds of apples, eggs, syrups and “Süssmost Punsch”. It took just so long to decide to go “natural”.


The Journey into Oil Painting continues

I am spending part of my holydays attempting real Oil Painting for the first time.
Slowly I am experimenting colours, techniques, materials… Actually, it requires the same passion as cooking. Therefore I am trying, soft, scratchning, light colour, medium, dry brush… Everything I learn, I apply…thnks to Stephen Rose “How to paint Oils”. Colours and materials have perfumes, smells, consistencies….
Plus in the end, after years spent selling something, it is nice once upon a time to produce something.