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“Pasta e fagioli” @Sunday lunch. (Noodles with white beans, Italian Style)

Today we decided to have one of easiest dishes of Italian cuisine, yet one of the tastiest!
In a pan we fried low temperature a can of white beans and italian fresh sausage minced with olive oil. Then we cook Barilla’s noodles. As soon as noodles were “al dente”, we mixed them into the with beans pot… Let it rest for 5 minutes… And the magic was done! Enjoy!


Caserecce Pasta with Beans and Sweet Peppers Seasoning

Today we decide to make use of some pre-cooked beans we got in our refrigerator, plus some special Gragnano Pasta Noodles. It’s just a variation of Italian “Pasta e Fagioli”.
Cook 300g of Gragnano Pasta. Separately cook 200g of beans into extra virgin olive oil and half onion; add 2 fresh tomatoes in pieces, one dry sweet pepper as powder, two spoons of Italian red wine (I use Garda one today) and coom for about 20 minutes. Mix the beans dressing with pasta (don’t cook pasta ti the end, leave it “al dente”) and leave it in the pot for about 8-10 minutes (away from heating).
And then… Eat it!