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Artisanal Beers

I am no Beer fan, normally. Yesterday we had a Pizza dinner with friends and they propose us two artisanal Beers from “Toccalmatto” producer: “Zona Cesarini” and “Über Pils”. Interesting flavour and bouquet. So… I remain defintely a Wine fan, but those kind of Beer were worth to be tested.



Gesa Vegia da Donato Pub/ Restaurant

Yesterday evening I with my long lasting friends decided to have a dinner in our favourite Pub-Restaurant. it’s just behind my parents house, my own father used to go there as he was not yet married and I’ve been there countless times. I’ve also used it to part for my University graduation. Anyway it is still the best Pub in Milano and most likely the best for food quality and pricewise. The Gesa Vegia (old Church in Milano’s dialect) in Bovisa.
Its “bruschette” and sandwich types are countless, from “piccantissima”, to “gesa vegia”, “tartina”, “pancetta”…
It’s not also bad for meat and pasta. If you are in Milano, you have to try it….