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#FingerPad #Painting #PunkArt 7 “Breakfast” and 8 “Zen Tech” #IPhoto

New digital PunKArt frontier: playing with IPhoto.

Digital PunkArt 7 “Swiss Breakfast”


Digital PunkArt 8 “Zen Tech”


Sunday #Breakfast with #Cauliflower Omelette

Wishes of nice Sunday to everyone!
Sunday breakfast with omelette is becoming a weekly ritual. This time I try it using some steamed cauliflower prepared, but not eaten, yesterday.
Well then: wash and steam the cauliflower… Then chop in small pieces 2/3 spoon of them. Prepare the mixture with one egg (yesterday I manage to buy some directly at Farm nearby) and then butter and small pan!
Of course my weekend cappuccino has been part of the game, as usual!