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Sunday back home in #Italy Mamma’s cooking

I consider a privilege the chance to go back home in just 4/5 hours driving, just to savor once more my mother’s cooking.
So prior to go back home in Switzerland I can taste “cooking as God as meant it” (cucina come Dio comanda).
My mother is my Masterchef

Therefore Sunday lunch with lasagne and eggplant balls. Eggplant balls are typical from our “Heimatland”, Calabria region in Italy.



Penne mediterranee

Tonigt it was ine more my turn to play with dinner. Then I prepare a tomato seasoning starting with onions fryed in olive oil… Then I add eggplant and sweet peppers cut in cubes. After some minutes some gomasio, grinded pine nuts and capers, then the tomato sauce. One spoon of red wine and the seasoning was done. Meanwhile I prepared some Gragnano’s Penne Pasta “al dente”. I finish cooking the penne directly into the pan containing the seasoning for 2-3 minutes… And it was ready!


Sunday 2 December Menù

Today menu….
1) Pasta alla Norma (Norma Noodles) with tomato sauce and eggplant
2) light spicy homemade sausage from Italy Calabria region cooked in olive oil with fresh tomatoes, mushrooms and sweet pepper
3) steamed broccoli with gomasio and sunflower seeds