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#Starters for an Italian #Dinner with Friends

Italian cooking is easy: you just need fresh ingredients and that’s all! Then how can you combine “frise” special bread, oregano, tomatoes, extra virgin olive oil and “capicollo” ham for a quick but tasty starter?
Here it is:
– expose the dry “frisa” bread to water for few seconds, then put olive oil, chopped tomatoes, oregano and capes on top. If available, also olive paste is good.
– chop the “capicollo” in a nice shape to serve
– (eventually slice some Parmesan cheese and serve it with fruits marmelade).
It is done!

Ok it will help if you family delivers you the ingredients directly from south Italy (Calabria and Puglia).



An #Italian #Dinner

Last Saturday we’ve got friends for dinner. Then we decide to prepare an Italian dinner.

– Bruschette (roasted bread) with olive oil and oregano.
– Pinzimonio: fresh carrots and fennel with olive oil and balsamic winegar
– Caprese salad: tomatoes, buffalo Mozzarella cheese and basil

Pasta dish:
– De Cecco/ Di Filippo Pasta with tomato and mushroom dressing completed with Parmesan Cheese

Main dish:
– Backed Chiken with vegetables

– Chocolate and zucchini cake

– Veneto’s Prosecco as starter
– Puglia’s Primitivo for the rest of meal







Hello World!

Hallo everyone.

Why am I doing this? Why start a blog? Well, writer Primo Levi once said “There are two kind of men: those who makes things just for their own sake and those who make things just to tell to the others. I belong to the second kind.”. So do I.

Who am I? Just some Italian guy now living and working in Switzerland. I travel a lot, thanks to my job as Feed, Food&Beverage Segment Manager for my Company. And I cook, as a hobby… I kind like also eating. Of course I also like to taste wine. So I am lucky: my job, my hobbies, everything match…

Then, I like to tell the others what I am doing, especially about food: that’s the reason for the blog.

I am going to publish comments, thoughts, quotes, anything… and of course I appreciate any kind of comment (more or less;)).