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Italian Cusine – Tagliatelle with Ragù Bolognese

Let’s start the new year with a traditional recipe:
– minced meat
– onions
– carrots
– celery
– red wine
– tomatoes
– tomato sauce
– Barilla tagliatelle Bolognese

1) fry soffritto in wok with olive oils


2) when carrots are soft add the meat


3) add the tomatoes


Let it cook for some time

4) add the tomato sauce


5) Add one spoon of red wine, salt… And the let it cook for 1,5 hours at low temperature

6) cook the Barilla tagliatelle


7) Finally put the tagliatelle into the wok with the Blognese ragù… Let it blend…. And serve


#Civic Aquarium of #Milano from #Expo 1906

From wikipedia

The Civic Aquarium of Milan (Acquario Civico di Milano in Italian) an aquarium in Milan, Italy. It is the only surviving building of those constructed for the world expo of 1906 in Milan, and is sited on the edge of Sempione Park. Over 100 different types of underwater life are located in the several tanks with a particular attention for the fishes and aquatic vegetation of the Italian seacoasts, lakes, and rivers.

The facade of the aquarium includes a Neptune statue, the Roman god of water and the sea, created by Oreste Labò.

The aquarium library, which is open to the public, has one of Italy’s most prestigious collection of marine biology publications

Note – The aquarium is in “Via Gadio 2” and it is free entrance.








A light lunch @Roggiano #Calabria #Italy

You may travel everywhere and even live happy in a foreign Country, but sometimes it is good to go back home (even back to your parent’s home) and enjoy the best Mediterranean Cooking ever!!!!

– Rosmarina fish balls
– Homegrown chicken
– vegetables
– country red wine
– pitta bread

love to stay here @Roggiano Gravina in Calabria. Italy!!!






German study or Italian eating? @”Il pomodorino” #Radolfzell am Bodensee

Well, I am in Radolfzell on the Bodensee Lake to improve my German.
We are in Germany, not far from Switzerland border… Thus the restaurants are nearly all Italians… Then I found one restaurant run by people of Calabria region… which is the one where my family come from… In the end, instead of studying, I am eating… Nochmal (again).




Italian #Poetry – Eugenio #Montale

Italian Poetry
Eugenio Montale

Meriggiare pallido e assorto
presso un rovente muro d’orto,
ascoltare tra i pruni e gli sterpi
schiocchi di merli, frusci di serpi.

Nelle crepe del suolo o su la veccia
spiar le file di rosse formiche
ch’ora si rompono ed ora s’intrecciano
a sommo di minuscole biche.

Osservare tra frondi il palpitare
lontano di scaglie di mare
m entre si levano tremuli scricchi
di cicale dai calvi picchi.

E andando nel sole che abbaglia
sentire con triste meraviglia
com’è tutta la vita e il suo travaglio
in questo seguitare una muraglia
che ha in cima cocci aguzzi di bottiglia.


short stop in hometown… A little nightmare

Just back in Milano, my hometown, for one night. Tomorrow we fly to Santander in Spain.
It’s been more than one month now without being here. It is curious how you can feel like a foreigner in you hometown. Maybe the bad news about the economy in tv and radio, this sense of bitterness in the eyes of the people looking at the foreign shield of your car (also someone yelling at me for no reason), work in progress that blocks completely the highway, making foreign drivers circle around the countryside in the night (the main highway connecting Italy to Switzerland)….
My Country was not used to be like that, never, not in the summer holiday season.
Maybe it’s just a nightmare. Now I sleep, tomorrow I wake up in my Milano again.
If not… There is anyway a flight to Spain tomorrow and then another one to South Italy… There is always a better place to go. Never lose the faith.