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We who wander around the World

“We who wander around the World, we pause briefly in this community or that, and to us is but one flash of vague impression in a long series of such forgettable flashes. The people there are only dim figures looming momentarily out of the dust clouds of the trail. We travelers usually have a destination and a purpose in aming for it, and every stop along the way is merely one more milestone in our own progress. But in actuality the people living there had an existence before we came, and will have after we leave, and their own concerns – hopes and worries and ambitions and plans- which, being of great moment to them, might sometimes be worth remarking also by us passerby. We might learn something worth knowing, or enjoy a laugh of amusement, or garner a sweet memory worth treasuring, or sometimes even improve our own selves, by taking notice of such things.”

Why I decided to search for a job involving a lot of travels? Partially also because of Gary Jennings novel – The Journeyer –