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#Civic Aquarium of #Milano from #Expo 1906

From wikipedia

The Civic Aquarium of Milan (Acquario Civico di Milano in Italian) an aquarium in Milan, Italy. It is the only surviving building of those constructed for the world expo of 1906 in Milan, and is sited on the edge of Sempione Park. Over 100 different types of underwater life are located in the several tanks with a particular attention for the fishes and aquatic vegetation of the Italian seacoasts, lakes, and rivers.

The facade of the aquarium includes a Neptune statue, the Roman god of water and the sea, created by Oreste Labò.

The aquarium library, which is open to the public, has one of Italy’s most prestigious collection of marine biology publications

Note – The aquarium is in “Via Gadio 2” and it is free entrance.








Artisanal Beers

I am no Beer fan, normally. Yesterday we had a Pizza dinner with friends and they propose us two artisanal Beers from “Toccalmatto” producer: “Zona Cesarini” and “Über Pils”. Interesting flavour and bouquet. So… I remain defintely a Wine fan, but those kind of Beer were worth to be tested.



Pinacoteca di Brera – Brera Art Museum

Prior to go to Aosta Valley for New Years Eve, I pay once more a visit to my hometown most important Art museum: the Brera Picture Gallery. It’s one of my personal rituals. beside, this time I have a different targets… starting acting as amateur painter, I face the challenges on newby: how to use the brush properly, how to render consistency, tissues….. hy not take the chance to look the real ones from the past masters? Then I got vhance to look at masterpieces from XIV century goong on: Mantegna, Raffaello, Caravaggio, Campi, Piero della Francesca, Canaletto, Crivelli, from the past…then Segantini, Sironi, Boccioni, Picasso from moderns…

Then having the chance to look at pictures from very near (5-10cm… Don’t tell the guards;))… why is it very hard to see the brush signs ona Mantegna painting? With lsome effort it is possible to recognize brush’s signs even on the divine Raffaello… Which gechniques used Mantegna??

Anyaway very instructive! If you are in Milano you can’t miss it: visit Brera. it is mandatory.






Gesa Vegia da Donato Pub/ Restaurant

Yesterday evening I with my long lasting friends decided to have a dinner in our favourite Pub-Restaurant. it’s just behind my parents house, my own father used to go there as he was not yet married and I’ve been there countless times. I’ve also used it to part for my University graduation. Anyway it is still the best Pub in Milano and most likely the best for food quality and pricewise. The Gesa Vegia (old Church in Milano’s dialect) in Bovisa.
Its “bruschette” and sandwich types are countless, from “piccantissima”, to “gesa vegia”, “tartina”, “pancetta”…
It’s not also bad for meat and pasta. If you are in Milano, you have to try it….





Finally a real Italian Pizza

Well, don’t take me wrong… There are plenty of Pizzerias where I live in Switzerland. Most run by Italians… But I don’t know why, the only acceptable one We found so far is the frozen one you can buy in Migros supermarket.
Then you go back home, decide to have dinner with friends… And you discover nice places with good Pizza like “Pomodorino” in Milano, via Principe Eugenio… I took a “regina Maria Giovanna” Pizza with Buffalo Mozzarella cheese and sausage!


short stop in hometown… A little nightmare

Just back in Milano, my hometown, for one night. Tomorrow we fly to Santander in Spain.
It’s been more than one month now without being here. It is curious how you can feel like a foreigner in you hometown. Maybe the bad news about the economy in tv and radio, this sense of bitterness in the eyes of the people looking at the foreign shield of your car (also someone yelling at me for no reason), work in progress that blocks completely the highway, making foreign drivers circle around the countryside in the night (the main highway connecting Italy to Switzerland)….
My Country was not used to be like that, never, not in the summer holiday season.
Maybe it’s just a nightmare. Now I sleep, tomorrow I wake up in my Milano again.
If not… There is anyway a flight to Spain tomorrow and then another one to South Italy… There is always a better place to go. Never lose the faith.