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#Starters for an Italian #Dinner with Friends

Italian cooking is easy: you just need fresh ingredients and that’s all! Then how can you combine “frise” special bread, oregano, tomatoes, extra virgin olive oil and “capicollo” ham for a quick but tasty starter?
Here it is:
– expose the dry “frisa” bread to water for few seconds, then put olive oil, chopped tomatoes, oregano and capes on top. If available, also olive paste is good.
– chop the “capicollo” in a nice shape to serve
– (eventually slice some Parmesan cheese and serve it with fruits marmelade).
It is done!

Ok it will help if you family delivers you the ingredients directly from south Italy (Calabria and Puglia).



#Horse steak with #Rapini

Well… It’s time to go back cooking.
Something fast:
– fry gently Rapini veggies in extra virgin olive oil. Add gomasio, salt (pink himalaya one) and sweet chilli pepper powder.
– in a pan, with traces of olive oil grill the horse steak. Add oregano and salt on both sides near to the end of cooking.

Serve it in a nice way to express you feelings for the person you like.