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Pinacoteca di Brera – Brera Art Museum

Prior to go to Aosta Valley for New Years Eve, I pay once more a visit to my hometown most important Art museum: the Brera Picture Gallery. It’s one of my personal rituals. beside, this time I have a different targets… starting acting as amateur painter, I face the challenges on newby: how to use the brush properly, how to render consistency, tissues….. hy not take the chance to look the real ones from the past masters? Then I got vhance to look at masterpieces from XIV century goong on: Mantegna, Raffaello, Caravaggio, Campi, Piero della Francesca, Canaletto, Crivelli, from the past…then Segantini, Sironi, Boccioni, Picasso from moderns…

Then having the chance to look at pictures from very near (5-10cm… Don’t tell the guards;))… why is it very hard to see the brush signs ona Mantegna painting? With lsome effort it is possible to recognize brush’s signs even on the divine Raffaello… Which gechniques used Mantegna??

Anyaway very instructive! If you are in Milano you can’t miss it: visit Brera. it is mandatory.






The Journey into Oil Painting continues

I am spending part of my holydays attempting real Oil Painting for the first time.
Slowly I am experimenting colours, techniques, materials… Actually, it requires the same passion as cooking. Therefore I am trying, soft, scratchning, light colour, medium, dry brush… Everything I learn, I apply…thnks to Stephen Rose “How to paint Oils”. Colours and materials have perfumes, smells, consistencies….
Plus in the end, after years spent selling something, it is nice once upon a time to produce something.