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Italian Cusine – Tagliatelle with Ragù Bolognese

Let’s start the new year with a traditional recipe:
– minced meat
– onions
– carrots
– celery
– red wine
– tomatoes
– tomato sauce
– Barilla tagliatelle Bolognese

1) fry soffritto in wok with olive oils


2) when carrots are soft add the meat


3) add the tomatoes


Let it cook for some time

4) add the tomato sauce


5) Add one spoon of red wine, salt… And the let it cook for 1,5 hours at low temperature

6) cook the Barilla tagliatelle


7) Finally put the tagliatelle into the wok with the Blognese ragù… Let it blend…. And serve


An #Italian #Dinner

Last Saturday we’ve got friends for dinner. Then we decide to prepare an Italian dinner.

– Bruschette (roasted bread) with olive oil and oregano.
– Pinzimonio: fresh carrots and fennel with olive oil and balsamic winegar
– Caprese salad: tomatoes, buffalo Mozzarella cheese and basil

Pasta dish:
– De Cecco/ Di Filippo Pasta with tomato and mushroom dressing completed with Parmesan Cheese

Main dish:
– Backed Chiken with vegetables

– Chocolate and zucchini cake

– Veneto’s Prosecco as starter
– Puglia’s Primitivo for the rest of meal







Penne mediterranee

Tonigt it was ine more my turn to play with dinner. Then I prepare a tomato seasoning starting with onions fryed in olive oil… Then I add eggplant and sweet peppers cut in cubes. After some minutes some gomasio, grinded pine nuts and capers, then the tomato sauce. One spoon of red wine and the seasoning was done. Meanwhile I prepared some Gragnano’s Penne Pasta “al dente”. I finish cooking the penne directly into the pan containing the seasoning for 2-3 minutes… And it was ready!


Caserecce Pasta with Beans and Sweet Peppers Seasoning

Today we decide to make use of some pre-cooked beans we got in our refrigerator, plus some special Gragnano Pasta Noodles. It’s just a variation of Italian “Pasta e Fagioli”.
Cook 300g of Gragnano Pasta. Separately cook 200g of beans into extra virgin olive oil and half onion; add 2 fresh tomatoes in pieces, one dry sweet pepper as powder, two spoons of Italian red wine (I use Garda one today) and coom for about 20 minutes. Mix the beans dressing with pasta (don’t cook pasta ti the end, leave it “al dente”) and leave it in the pot for about 8-10 minutes (away from heating).
And then… Eat it!







Sunday 2 December Menù

Today menu….
1) Pasta alla Norma (Norma Noodles) with tomato sauce and eggplant
2) light spicy homemade sausage from Italy Calabria region cooked in olive oil with fresh tomatoes, mushrooms and sweet pepper
3) steamed broccoli with gomasio and sunflower seeds




Orecchiette with Tomato Sauce

Last Weekend I have been lucky! 3 super girls from Puglia visited me… Then I got chance to eat homemade “Orecchiette” pasta with meat tomato sauce and Parmigiano cheese. It’s amazing how they made the Orecchiette!!! Ps – a perfect Italian Dolcetto Wine from Piemonte to support the Orecchiette;)