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Penne mediterranee

Tonigt it was ine more my turn to play with dinner. Then I prepare a tomato seasoning starting with onions fryed in olive oil… Then I add eggplant and sweet peppers cut in cubes. After some minutes some gomasio, grinded pine nuts and capers, then the tomato sauce. One spoon of red wine and the seasoning was done. Meanwhile I prepared some Gragnano’s Penne Pasta “al dente”. I finish cooking the penne directly into the pan containing the seasoning for 2-3 minutes… And it was ready!


First dinner back home – Ratatouille and rice

Well despite the jet-lag and the travel back home overnight, we decide to relax preparing a light vegetarian dinner.
– Ratatouille with Potatoes, Carrots, Onions, sweet peppers, Zucchini and Aubergines.
– bread croutons with aubergine cream

Cooked in olive oil and wine.
Tschüss and happy sunday to everyone


Sunday Lunch back from Shanghai

Last Sunday, back from Shanghai… I needed to stay awake till night to recover from Jet Lag. Then I help fixing Sunday lunch with some appetizers:
– grilled bread “crostini” with olive paste and “ciliegini” tomatoes
– pitta bread with sweet grilled peppers

That was a nice lunch…

…ok then mamma’s fresh made noodles with mushrooms.