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Making of #2014 #NewYear’s #Eve homemade #Pasta Orecchiette

Hosted by a Puglia’s family. Decided to document how to prepare the traditional local pasta noodles: orecchiette pugliesi.

Of course made only with semolina (no soft wheat flour) and tap water. First, preparation of the dough, then homemade work out of orecchiette, one by one.
Dressing: Napoli’s tomato sauce: ragù alla napoletana…
Meat cooked for hours to better with tomato sauce….









#Starters for an Italian #Dinner with Friends

Italian cooking is easy: you just need fresh ingredients and that’s all! Then how can you combine “frise” special bread, oregano, tomatoes, extra virgin olive oil and “capicollo” ham for a quick but tasty starter?
Here it is:
– expose the dry “frisa” bread to water for few seconds, then put olive oil, chopped tomatoes, oregano and capes on top. If available, also olive paste is good.
– chop the “capicollo” in a nice shape to serve
– (eventually slice some Parmesan cheese and serve it with fruits marmelade).
It is done!

Ok it will help if you family delivers you the ingredients directly from south Italy (Calabria and Puglia).



Orecchiette with Tomato Sauce

Last Weekend I have been lucky! 3 super girls from Puglia visited me… Then I got chance to eat homemade “Orecchiette” pasta with meat tomato sauce and Parmigiano cheese. It’s amazing how they made the Orecchiette!!! Ps – a perfect Italian Dolcetto Wine from Piemonte to support the Orecchiette;)




Brindisi – Archeology Museum

Today visit to Brindisi’s Archeology Museum. It is astonishing how such an interesting place has got a free entrance.
Recently renewed it is definitely, absoluty worth a visit. I could even say that beside of harbour, the beautful sandy beach nearby, the fresh food, this museum alone makes Brindisi a mandatory step when visiting Puglia.
I’ve always liked archeology, and here there’s a lot to see:
– Messapi’s age
– Greek age
– Roman age

I have liked a lot the artifacts coming from underwater archeo-campaigns.
Then the suggestion is clear: go and visit the city and the museum!