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“Pasta e fagioli” @Sunday lunch. (Noodles with white beans, Italian Style)

Today we decided to have one of easiest dishes of Italian cuisine, yet one of the tastiest!
In a pan we fried low temperature a can of white beans and italian fresh sausage minced with olive oil. Then we cook Barilla’s noodles. As soon as noodles were “al dente”, we mixed them into the with beans pot… Let it rest for 5 minutes… And the magic was done! Enjoy!


Sunday 2 December Menù

Today menu….
1) Pasta alla Norma (Norma Noodles) with tomato sauce and eggplant
2) light spicy homemade sausage from Italy Calabria region cooked in olive oil with fresh tomatoes, mushrooms and sweet pepper
3) steamed broccoli with gomasio and sunflower seeds




Maximilian’s @Konstanz

Last Saturday @Konstanz… Beside 1 hour to find a park place… We found a very good food shop with goods imported from all over Europe… Same place it is possible to eat. Ok I have to admit it: best italian meal outside Italy so far. The place: Maximilian’s on the Hussenstrasse.