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Fusilli corti Mari e Monti

This evening a new recipe: Italian pasta “Mari e Monti”.
I just boil some champignos mushrooms and then fry them into a few of olive oil togheter with 4 spoons of small shrimps. I kept the water into which I boiled the mushrooms and cook the Fusilli’s pasta adding very small quantity of salt.
When the mushrooms and shrimps were nearly ready I add one spoon of dry Spumante wine and safran. I took the cooked fusilli, mixed them with the seasoning of mushrooms and shrimps, cooking for about 2 minutes more…. And it was healty and ready!




Curry Shrimps Linguini

Ok tonight experiment:
– seasonig made cooking shrimps with fresh tomatoes, zucchini, algae and curry in olive oil
– some shrimps have been mixed and then added to the seasonig as a cream
– used Himalaya salt to give delicate taste to the seasoning itself
– De Cecco linguini cooked in boiling water for 8 minutes, then added to the pan containing the seasonig to cook on high flame for other 3 minutes.

Ok maybe I eat too much this time!

The result surprised… Myself this time!


Pasta with mixed Seafood




yes I cook the squids and shrimps with garlic, parsley, olive oil and a spoon of white wine, slowly… to keep fish freshness as much as possible.
at same time I cook the spaghetti pasta (De Cecco) till 8 minutes.
then I merge the spaghetti and the seafood and complete the cooking of the pasta for other 4 minutes mixing continuously but carefully.
and it’s done, served with White New Zealand wine “Cimarosa”