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Taberna Marinera El Machichaco

Hallo all,

just back from Santander, a quick stop before next travel to South Italy. I have to make a comment about the best discovery in Santander: the “taberna marinera El Machi”. If you plan to visit Santander, don’t miss it. Going often to restaurants, it happens to me rarely to eat a lot, to eat a lot of very good fish and then have no trouble at all with digestion. The cusine from El Machi is very tasty and at the same time very light. Our hotel’s owner suggest it to us and we went there 2 times in 4 days!

Service is perfect and friendly and the dishes are very good. It is right on the long Harbour of Santander, so also the view of the sea is nice.

The first evening (at midnight!) we eat rice with crab and it was fresh and very good. The second time we go for a paella with mix fish plus a mix of local cheeses for dessert. Perfect.

Dont’miss it if you can.

Buona giornata



short stop in hometown… A little nightmare

Just back in Milano, my hometown, for one night. Tomorrow we fly to Santander in Spain.
It’s been more than one month now without being here. It is curious how you can feel like a foreigner in you hometown. Maybe the bad news about the economy in tv and radio, this sense of bitterness in the eyes of the people looking at the foreign shield of your car (also someone yelling at me for no reason), work in progress that blocks completely the highway, making foreign drivers circle around the countryside in the night (the main highway connecting Italy to Switzerland)….
My Country was not used to be like that, never, not in the summer holiday season.
Maybe it’s just a nightmare. Now I sleep, tomorrow I wake up in my Milano again.
If not… There is anyway a flight to Spain tomorrow and then another one to South Italy… There is always a better place to go. Never lose the faith.