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#Fingerpadpainting #PunkArt 2 – #Swiss #Mountains

Anyone ca do it… Ipad (DrafFree app) with fingers, then again Ipad (Ipad Photoshop app). Ok. But I am not able to define wich is the right “last effect” is the best to communicate vibrant impression of the landscape…version 1 or version?

colour is the king here…



How to empty refrigerator before holiday


Tomorrow will be last day before some holyday.
Then it’s some days I’m trying to get rid of all the food which could become dead bodoes in the refrigerator. Here we are: the tomato sauce with mushroom and eggplant, swiss appenzeller cheese and Italian industrial tortellini.

Let’s invent an “empty fridge” recipe: cook the pasta, warm the sauce, mix them at the end having the cheese melti g down. Let’s see the result, probably something good in the winter.

Buona cena.