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#Starters for an Italian #Dinner with Friends

Italian cooking is easy: you just need fresh ingredients and that’s all! Then how can you combine “frise” special bread, oregano, tomatoes, extra virgin olive oil and “capicollo” ham for a quick but tasty starter?
Here it is:
– expose the dry “frisa” bread to water for few seconds, then put olive oil, chopped tomatoes, oregano and capes on top. If available, also olive paste is good.
– chop the “capicollo” in a nice shape to serve
– (eventually slice some Parmesan cheese and serve it with fruits marmelade).
It is done!

Ok it will help if you family delivers you the ingredients directly from south Italy (Calabria and Puglia).



#Italian Sunday #Lunch – Mari e monti (Sea and Mountains)

Last Sunday… It was time to go back to a nice Italian lunch.. All about fish.

First we prepared ourselves De Cecco’s Linguini Pasta “Mari e monti” (sea and mountains). The seasoning was made with shrimps and wild asparagus cooked together with mushrooms into Safran milk cream.








Then we have some cod fish fried into Puglia’s olive oil with cherry tomatoes parsley and a little of oregano.




Garofalo’s Penne with fresh tomato sauce

Tonight I was in the mood for Pasta with homemade tomato sauce,
I prepared the tomato sauce with olive oil, garlic, fresh tomatoes, speck ham, parmisan and hemmentaler cheese on top. Ok also a spoon of Piedmont Dolcetto wine.

I tried semplina penne from Garofalo (first time tried this producer).
So I cook the penne in boiling water for about 7 minutes, then i elimated the water amd completed its cooking directly in the pan with the sauce.

Result was tasty… Very good!


Linguini with Sea Truffles and Tomatoes

Two days ago it happens to eat a easy but special dish here in Puglia. just linguini pasta with special sea truffles that locals call “coccioli”.
for 4 persons:
– 400 g of linguini (long pasta noodles)
– 50-80 g of coccioli (or sea truffles)
– garlic
– olive oil
– 3 fresh tomatoes (better San Marzano quality)
– half glass of white wine

1) fry garlic with olive oil till it starts to get brown
2) add the tomatoes cut in pieces (cleaned from internal seeds)
3) heat the sea truffles in boiling water for 30 s- 1 minute, then add them to tomatoes and fry them with low heating
4) add a glass of white wine and let it evaporate

5) when noodles are cooked, put them with tomatoes and sea truffles and let them cook for 1 minute while mixing.

6) eat!

buona giornata